Classically Educating Disciples for Christ

About Us

Samuel Fuller School began in the fall of 2008 with nine families and twelve students in Kindergarten through third grade. The school continued to add one grade each year up until the spring of 2014. Currently SFS has fifty-two students enrolled in Kindergarten through eighth grade, and the school continues to pray that the Lord will enable them to add a high school in the near future. The school meets in the Christian Education Building of the First Congregational Church in Middleborough, which is conveniently located at the intersection of Routes 44 and 105.

Who was Samuel Fuller?
The Reverend Samuel Fuller was the first pastor of the First Congregational Church in Middleborough, which was established in 1694 and now, three hundred years later, has encouraged the birth of this school. As one who sought to advance the Kingdom of God in New England, Reverend Fuller's life is an example of what we are attempting to do in raising children to serve the Lord and glorify God in this fallen world.

Why choose Samuel Fuller School?
At Samuel Fuller School, we recognize and respect that it is the primary responsibility of Christian parents to educate their children and to decide how best to prepare them to be salt and light in the world. At a time when the integrity of our Christian faith is being increasingly challenged and the influence of Christianity in our culture is waning, we desire to help parents lay a solid foundation in their children’s lives that they may become godly men and women who make a difference in this world.

Who will benefit from Samuel Fuller School?
Samuel Fuller School serves Christian families and benefits all students, regardless of their future educational or vocational goals. Though it is one of the obligations of Samuel Fuller School to produce competitive students who will excel in institutions of higher education, the school does not exist solely for those students. We are a school for future carpenters, statesmen, scientists, poets, and police officers, who will live their lives and perform their jobs as well-rounded, rational-thinking, strong Christian servants and leaders. A classical education has proven to be beneficial to a vast majority of students, and Samuel Fuller School welcomes any student who desires to be engaged in a rigorous, Bible-based educational setting that will help them live, learn, and grow in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

How is Samuel Fuller School governed?
Samuel Fuller School is independently incorporated. It is governed by a Board of Directors, the majority of whom are members of the First Congregational Church in Middleborough. The school administrators answer directly to the Board of Directors and are responsible to it.