Classically Educating Disciples for Christ

House System

When students join Samuel Fuller School, they are all placed in our K-8th house system. Named after ancient Greek City States, each house has its own specific virtue and mascot. Athens's virture is wisdom and its mascot is a black panther. Sparta's virtue is courage and its mascot is a grizzly bear. Cornith's virture is charity and its mascot is a tiger. Thebes's virtue is justice and its mascot is a hippo.

Throughout the year the City States compete in games and challenges. Participation in these activities encourages teamwork, builds community across ages and grades, and provides leadership opportunities for the 8th grade students who head the City States. They guide their teams through the activities and even plan some of their own.

The City State Competition culminates at the end of the year with Olympic Week, which includes dress-up days, games, and events. On the final day of that week, Olympic Day, members of all teams participate in an athletic competition, including the standing broad-jump, marathon, and discus throw.