Classically Educating Disciples for Christ

Scope and Sequence

Our curriculum has been chosen with the goal of guiding students into a personal knowledge of God and his truth as it is revealed in scripture and manifested in the world around them. Students are encouraged to develop a love of learning and an ability to think clearly through the implementation of a distinctly classical curriculum.

Through their study of…

history and geography, students learn their place in the full scope of human history, an understanding that enables them to serve more effectively in their generation.

language and fine arts, students learn not only how to think but also how to communicate skillfully and eloquently.

theology and logic, students learn to pursue what is true and beautiful and good and to defend their minds and hearts against error.

science and math, students observe the infinite wisdom and creativity of the mind of God and develop the skills to imitate his nature.

Download our Grammar School Scope and Sequence chart

Download our Logic and Rhetoric School Scope and Sequence chart