Classically Educating Disciples for Christ


In what ways has Samuel Fuller School been a help or blessing to your family?

"We have found that Samuel Fuller School encompasses something that is very rarely found in today's schools: a devoted, nurturing faculty that encourages students to strive to do their best, an engaging classical curriculum that challenges students of all abilities, and a school that keeps Christ at the core, ensuring all things are done to the glory and honor of God. Our son entered kindergarten this year and SFS is everything that we were looking for." (the Henry family)

"Samuel Fuller School has been a true blessing to our family. Our daughter has been receiving a superior education taught by teachers who are simply phenomenal! All the staff at SFS are compassionate and caring; you and your child will never be just a number! It is amazing to see how much Ariana has grown both intellectually and spiritually since she began attending this school. All in all, Samuel Fuller School is a refreshing, safe place where children can be children and God’s word is freely spoken and taught. We truly love this school and are looking forward to all the years to come!" (the Hamilton family)

What made you decide to send your children to SFS?

"We weren't completely satisfied with the education at our last school and were considering homeschooling with the classical model. When we heard about SFS, we were intrigued. We researched the classical method, spent shadow days at the school, prayed for weeks and finally felt led that this was the right choice for our family. It provides the high academic discipline we were looking for in a school, but the benefits don't stop there. My children are immersed in the gospel, both in learning about the Bible as well as being in a community of believers that are living out their faith. I feel like SFS is a true community of believers, and the community aspect is encouraged. I love that there are families from many different churches and Christian denominations that attend this school. We were welcomed with open arms even before we started going to the school. I love all of the kids, the parents, the teachers, and the administration. We are truly blessed by everyone and everything at this school. I have even been dropping off promotional materials at churches within the region because I want everyone to know what a great school this is. 

One of the factors in our decision to come to this school was the distance from the school. We live about 27 minutes away, and I was initially concerned about the time and money spent in commuting. I was able to say definitively within the first two weeks of school that distance from the school was not even a factor since everything else about the school is so wonderful. Honestly, I no longer even think about the commute, and I am just happy to be bringing my kids to school at SFS. It is such a blessing in so many ways to be a part of this school."